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Animal communication is a bridge between you and your animal companion or animal spirit guides. Our pets and totem animals want to communicate with us. I work intuitively with the animals spirit to translate and convey the information that is being offered. Here's how I aim to help:

  • Discern and understand what your pet is thinking.
  • Get clarity on a behavioral or medical issue the animal is dealing with.
  • Answers to your direct questions regarding your animal companions and totem animals?
  • Deepen the bond with your animal companion or spirit guide, for a more conscious relationship.
  • Learn their life's purpose, and their purpose for being in your life.
  • Connect with an animal who has crossed over, ask questions and exchange messages.
  • Learn what your animal friends, alive or in spirit, want to tell you, teach you, ask you, experience with you.

Animal Communication Services by Joan Stokes

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